Web video streaming

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Web video streaming

Postby ejcosta » Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:25 pm

Interpreters for the church have a few requirements they must meet in order to be able to participate in events such as General Conference. Besides the obvious requirements related to our own worthiness, one of the requirements is that we need to attend interpreter training that takes place at the Conference Center in SLC 4x /year.

Those interpreters who live far from SLC and abroad, also need to attend the same training via-satellite. For these, there is no way to actually monitor if they are actually attending training.

Now, if this same training would be streamed over the internet, through a secure web site where a user would need to login, and record his/her attendance, this would be a huge improvement and it would cut satellite broadcast costs that the church certainly incurs with these broadcasts.

There could also be online tests and other training materials that the church could use to evaluate its interpreters, for instance.

Is this a feasible project to undertake at this time?

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