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Closed Captions


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I am hard of hearing (20 % hearing). I rely on Closed Caption for watching anything on television.

The new 2020 Come Follow Me curriculum is very well done.

I am not able to understand the words in the videos or talks by the General Authorities.

I am missing these spiritual messages.........

It must be possible to add Closed Caption to these messages..

There must be MANY church members who have the same problem....

Also, General Conference. The Closed Caption is seconds behind the words and very often have a lot of misspellings and a wait before the words appear again on the screen.
With all the new technology there must be a way that the words of General Conference can be the same time as the speakers ?
Without using people to type the words...
I am sure this can be done to help the "hearing disabled" members.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.
Joanne Malcarne
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