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Donation account deleted

Postby lasanyc » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:37 am

Got an email this morning that said my bank account had been deleted from my church account:

Bank Account Deleted

Bank account ****** has been deleted from your online donor profile. Donations can no longer be made from this bank account.

You have received this email for one of the following possible reasons:
You deleted the bank account from your online donor profile in the Online Donation application.
We have received notification from your bank that the account information you provided was incorrect or your bank returned a transaction as unauthorized.
You have had consecutive donations returned from your bank.
Any donations made with this bank account that could not go through will be reversed in the next 1-2 business days. You can set up a new bank account by logging into Online Donations and selecting the Settings menu option and clicking on the Add Account button.

For more information, sign in to Online Donations at

Contacted my bank and all transactions have gone through that I have made, nothing has bounced, and I did not delete the account. We've been using this account successfully for years without any problems. I went into my church account and sure enough, the bank account info has been deleted. Wondering if there is a programming error or some other problem. At first I thought I had been "fished" Help?

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