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Calling changes


Post by jnpetersen »

With the letter that was sent out to Stake and Ward Clerks, there is a change happening where the "Stake Assistant Clerk -- Technology Specialist" calling is being removed as to only have the 3 essential Stake Assistant Clerk callings (i.e. Stake Assistant Clerk, Stake Assistant Clerk -- Finance, and Stake Assistant Clerk -- Membership).

Because of this, they want the Stake Technology Specialist to be moved to Other -> Technology, but this only gives "Assistant Technology Specialist" which isn't given access to FIR like it was before. I'm wondering if this change is made, will this affect the Technology Manager or any other access we may need to support our callings?
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Re: Calling changes


Post by Mikerowaved »

Interesting... Haven't seen the letter yet and I don't see it at either. When was this dated?
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Re: Calling changes


Post by chrisgrant »

Our letter said: "In order to limit the number of assistant clerks who have access to sensitive member information, Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) is being updated to restrict the number of assistant clerks that may be called. Beginning March 2, 2020, each of the positions listed below will allow only one worthy priesthood holder . . ." and then didn't list "Stake Assistant Clerk -- Technology Specialist". I thought this omission was not intended to communicate that the position was being deleted but was intended to communicate that there was no restriction on their number. (Their Access Table entry shows that they have no access to sensitive member information.)
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Re: Calling changes


Post by russellhltn »

I'm not sure, but there may already be a limit on the number of STS. And since the STS doesn't have access to LCR at all, it really doesn't have access to sensitive information.
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Re: Calling changes


Post by scgallafent »

The restriction is only assistant clerk, assistant clerk--finance, and assistant clerk--membership. Technology specialists are not affected.
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