Tools Sign-In Failure

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Tools Sign-In Failure


Post by bcatlin1830 »

My android phone shows this notification all the time starting today.
"Tools Sign-In Failure"

I tried restarting the phone and clearing cash and also doing a force stop. a
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Re: Tools Sign-In Failure


Post by jdlessley »

It is not your phone that is the problem. It is the church servers, the lack of a connection to the servers, or some other server issues such as an overload. This has been ongoing for at least three or four days.
JD Lessley
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Re: Tools Sign-In Failure


Post by dcwight »

I'm also having the same problem. Maybe a virus or something. Sorry, not very funny.
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Re: Tools Sign-In Failure


Post by johnshaw »

A gazillion people trying to get in with Gospel Living App because Bishops want to use it to communicate, no doubt...
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