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Post by russellhltn »

davesudweeks wrote:
russellhltn wrote:I don't know as there's any tracking.
Unless it has changed since I was a clerk, the clerk can run a report that shows the status of the training by organization. It doesn't show for everyone - it shows which leaders and teachers in the callings have had the training and which are overdue. I used to run that report regularly and provide it to the various organizations when the training first came out.
However, I highly doubt the report will show a non-member who took the class.

So, while a non-member might be able to take the class, I'd think it would have to be tracked manually.
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Re: Non members


Post by no5370 »

Speaking on behalf of my ward's youth groups, we have not implemented Gospel Living as our communication platform because it lacks the ability to include non-members. Specific to our situation, we have a father in our ward who needs to be included in the communication regarding his children, however as a former member of the church, we cannot add him since he no longer has a MRN.

Furthermore, the lack of this feature prevents missionary work because it doesn't allow investigators to be looped in on Gospel Living conversations in the "circles".

Please allow non-members to be included.
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Re: Non members


Post by johnmcatee »

Same problem in my ward. Circles can't be implemented unless non-member youth can be included.
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Re: Non members


Post by jokerjon22 »

We need this so badly! Reading through the other posts on this thread, I can see that there is so much need to add functionality to add non-members or non-ward members to communication circles in the Living app. What a shame that a great app goes unused because of this missing functionality.
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Re: Non members


Post by toddcoons »

I want to move to the circles app. There are non members that we need to communicate with.

Also, I would love it if there is an automatic circle for parents of a youth class.
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Re: Non members


Post by jwalkerjr »

We have this need in our Stake, also.
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Re: Non members


Post by bowencall »

We need this feature as well. How are we supposed to use the app if we can’t include our neighbors who aren’t members?
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Re: Non members


Post by zukakog »

Our ward would also love to use this, but can't without excluding so many people. There needs to be a way to create a church account without a MRN. Rename it to C(hurch)RN and let non-members opt in!
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