Non-Member minor records

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Non-Member minor records


Post by smithdr353 »

I have the records for 2 minor children, one 7 one 17, that are left in our ward after the mother requested her name be removed, father was never a member. These children are not BIC or Baptized. How do I remove these records?
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Re: Non-Member minor records


Post by jdlessley »

These records should be handled in accordance with General Handbook 33.6.2.
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Re: Non-Member minor records


Post by russellhltn »

smithdr353 wrote:How do I remove these records?
What would be the basis for removing them? I see nothing in 32.14.9 that suggests children should automatically be removed if the parents remove their names.

I'd ask the bishop to go over the correspondence with the mother to see if her request included the children. It's possible he may want to ask her. Section 32.14.9 suggests a written statement needs to come from the 17 year old before that one can be canceled.

Either way, I'd be against a clerk assuming that the children should be removed automatically.
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Re: Non-Member minor records


Post by lajackson »

Following the General Handbook guidance provided by jdlessley, the records would become eligible for removal when each individual reaches age 18 and then the proper procedure was followed. The only exception would be if they should have been removed during the name removal of the mother, in which case they would have been submitted to headquarters with her name removal paperwork.
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