Bookmark Issues on LDS Account

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Bookmark Issues on LDS Account


Post by holdtorod »

Since the migration to the new programming my Bookmarks have not populated nor made the migration. Is that a process that is still ongoing? If it is lost can I recover?
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Re: Bookmark Issues on LDS Account


Post by mevans »

Are you referring to bookmarks that you make in Classic online scriptures migrating to the new online scriptures? I think my bookmarks might still exist if I go to Notes, but I agree that something didn't transition well.

If you're talking about bookmarks between the mobile version and the online version, then that's a different issue. I've gathered they're not totally compatible. I generally use mobile versions as a read-only device because it's much easier for me to study online than on a mobile device. I'm not as familiar with bookmarks on the mobile Gospel Library app.
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