T&C Splash screen for new Liahona SSID

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Re: T&C Splash screen for new Liahona SSID


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19rgiles wrote:Anyone seeing the same issue with Apple products not being able to connect?
If you're talking about Macs, see Having to add Macs to NoSplash.

I'm not aware of a problem with iPhone/iPad.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

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Re: T&C Splash screen for new Liahona SSID


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russellhltn wrote:
gregpedersen wrote:We have open up a session of MS Edge then try to connect through Wi-Fi. We can see that it is trying to connect but never received the T&C screen.
Check the network settings. He may have specified a DNS. I think to use the church network, it has to be set for automatic.
I had the same issue and I have a MacBook Pro running MacOS Big Sur version 11.5.1. I opened the wifi settings and selected DNS and I had two DNS addresses in there. Once I deleted them and re-started my wifi, the splash screen popped up! Thank you!!
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Re: T&C Splash screen for new Liahona SSID


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This is actually a very common problem for people. I actually ended up enabling the Lehi SSID for my stake leadership which does not have a splash screen. It’s solved this problem for me. You have to change the password every 90 days and it’s only meant for leadership but it’s been very helpful.

You can also allow certain devices to skip the splash screen by enabling a group policy for them.

To answer your question though; in general when I have had issues with splash screens I have to first make sure all of my browser applications are completely closed down and I “forget” the network and re sign into it.
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Re: T&C Splash screen for new Liahona SSID


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The common problem many people in my ward encounter is that their WiFi enabled device is set to automatically connect to the WiFi even when they have not opened a browser or an app that uses WiFi. As soon as their device is within range of the WiFi their device is sent the screen but it is not displayed but rather a notification prompt is sent to the device's notification panel. So when they attempt to use the WiFi by opening a browser or app they think the screen is not being sent and they cannot connect. I have instructed them to look for a notification for a WiFi connection on the device's notification panel. Tapping that notification opens the screen in their browser and they can complete the connection action.
JD Lessley
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