Changing my username

Church Account is the primary user account (user name and password) for accessing online Church resources. Church Account was formerly known as LDS Account. This forum is a space to discuss all things related to Church Accounts (registration, account recovery, user experience, vulnerabilities, etc.).
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Changing my username


Post by emolina18 »

I am trying to change my username. The Help section says to go to Profile > Personal Information, then enter the new username and save. But there is no place to enter a new username under that menu. I am confused.
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Re: Changing my username


Post by jdlessley »

I hope you are talking about the main Church website and not the Tech Forum. Try going to and change the username on that page. If you are already logged onto the main Church website at then click My Account and Ward and then Account Settings in the first column titled My Account. That will take you to the same URL I mentioned earlier. Username will the fourth textbox down the page. That page is the Profile > Personal Information page the Help article is referencing.
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Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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Re: Changing my username


Post by russellhltn »

lanarj wrote:Hi, I'm having problems to logging into my account on the Church website, and yesterday I managed to log in, but for unknown reasons I cannot update my personal data storaged there such as: Username, phone number and etc, I would like your help to be able to solve this technical problem.
If you go to ... nformation you should be able to change your login name, mobile/personal phone number and email.

Changes to any other information will have to be done by the ward, after they have obtained your membership record. Normally, they can get your record with little more than your full legal name and your birth date. However, they might be reluctant to order it until you've found a place that you'll be for the next 3 months or more - just in case you end up in another ward.

Please note that this is a user-to-user support forum. No one here can help with your situation other than to point you in the right direction.
lanarj wrote:I have been a member since 2001 and I had a very old account, but unfortunately, yesterday 27.June.2020, the status of my account was changed to new, after the president of my Church updated my email address. I am very disappointed!
As for your account being "new", if you're talking about your forum label, that's just because you're new to the forum. It has nothing to do with the age of your account.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

So we can better help you, please edit your Profile to include your general location.
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Re: Changing my username


Post by lajackson »

lanarj wrote:So, who can help me to make the changes i need?
The ward or branch clerk where you live will need to make the changes you are requesting. If he is not able to do so, please visit with your bishop or branch president.
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Re: Changing my username


Post by sbradshaw »

Is it possible you have two Church Accounts? That would explain why your current account shows as new (depending on where you're looking), and it might also explain why you can't change your username, email address, phone number – if you are trying to change them to the same username, email address, or phone number that are attached to the other account. You also won't be able to add your membership record number (which is required to access ward-specific resources) if your membership record number is already attached to a different account. If you can't add your membership record number to your new account, it's very likely that the problem is that you have two accounts.
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