Using a Comtek for sound when broadcasting Sacrament

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Re: Using a Comtek for sound when broadcasting Sacrament


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bretpetersen1 wrote:The laptop I used has the older separate inputs for mic and head phones. The new laptops have the 4 input plug that has headphones and mic on the same plug. I will try a splitter with a newer laptop and see if that will work ok. I am not sure if the new laptops with the 4 input headset can accept line level input for the mic. Anybody know?
I know in Windows 10, with a single mic/headphone jack, it will typically ask what you plugged in, and you can choose line input. For us the level is fine, we didn't need anything to step it down to mic level. On an older Linux laptop with a separate mic input, I also can just plug in the line level input directly and it works fine.
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