Automating OBS with the Webcast Portal

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Re: Automating OBS with the Webcast Portal


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hicksticks2001 wrote:I was considering the OBS route - but then in another thread someone started posting custom firmware for J-Tech IPV encoders, which only cost $160. ... B0761X6L3C

See thread:

They have written custom firmware so that it automatically configures and even switches broadcast from one ward to the next. I personally like these devices because once they are registered, you just need to provide internet over Ethernet, provide audio and video via HDMI, and power.
I'm going to have to upvote this one. I grabbed a J-TECH box this week, uploaded bretep's custom firmware, and half an hour later was using the church's scheduling system to begin and end broadcasts:

Added bonus: you can configure the J-TECH to point to the church's ingestion servers (Azure), or any other streaming service (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch) and you can connect a local VLC client for monitoring as well with RSTP. Very slick!

And the encoder will run anywhere there is an internet connection (I configured mine at home).
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