Virtual Sunday School

Using Google Meet, Zoom, etc.)
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Re: Virtual Sunday School


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I made a long post about what we are doing in another thread. It may help with the questions being asked here.

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Re: Virtual Sunday School


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Here in the Dallas area we have been instructed to NOT have virtual second hour lessons. No reason has been given (that I have been told from my bishopric) - perhaps I'm unaware of some incredible online transmission mechanism? Anyone else have this restriction?
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Re: Virtual Sunday School


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DHTreanor wrote:Anyone else have this restriction?
This restriction comes from the area presidency of which Dallas is a part (NASW). I believe there are similar restrictions in other areas. The First Presidency has not yet suggested 2nd hour meetings for adults since they were discontinued in March.
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Re: Virtual Sunday School


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I'm in the North America West area, and my ward has had online SS/EQ/RS.

From the other posts, it appears to be something that depends on the area.
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