Notebook filter in gospel library app

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Notebook filter in gospel library app


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My wife just purchased a Lenovo Chromebook. In the Chrome OS, Gospel Library looks a works differently than in a Windows OS environment. For example, in Windows OS, you can filter which notes you see posted in the scriptures depending on which Notebook(s) you have open. In Chrome OS, that doesn't appear to be the case. It looks and operates like the Gospel Library mobile app on an Android phone. Is this correct or am I not seeing how to filter which Notes I see according to which Notebooks I have open. In the future, will Gospel Library be configured to look and operate the same in Chrome OS as it does in Windows OS?
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Re: Notebook filter in gospel library app


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Gospel Library on Chrome OS is the same as Gospel Library on Android (some Chromebooks like yours allow Android apps to be installed). The ability to have multiple "sets" of annotations that you can turn on or off (which Windows Gospel Library implements via Notebooks) doesn't exist in the mobile apps yet. The best way to express support for the feature is to send it as a feature request under "Send Feedback" in Gospel Library settings.
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