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gafiero wrote: Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:00 pm I now have three wards that want a zoom licence. LB 16th, LB 15th and Cpt 1st, Where do I go to get the licence's?
Gordon Fiero Stake Tech. Specialist
As the Stake Technology specialist in My Stake, I created the Stake GMAIL account, then the Zoom Account and password, Then created each of 10 wards zoom login's and passwords and sent the login's and passwords to each of the Bishops and the login for the stake to the Stake President. The advantage to this is consistency, all the ward had the same login format, XXStakeNameXX+"two initial of the ward" If the ward is the cool stream ward then use the initials "CS" Then I assigned the passwords using this format...If it's the Austin Texas Stake, the password would be Ats4324346 (Property Number)
This just an example, use the Abbreviation of the stake plus the Ward property number...the example is made up.

This is great for the Stake Technology specialist because he has a complete list of all the logins and passwords for every ward plus the Stake. He can then quickly view each ward on Sunday to check video and audio Quality from his home on his smart phone and can resolve problems as they occur... Its worked beautifully over the past three years.
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