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Re: Lehi SSID

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:48 pm
by Mikerowaved
evancpugh wrote:I'm guessing most building have an upload speed of around 5 to 5.5 MBPS.
It's actually all over the map, depending on the cost and availability of high-speed Internet servicing the church building or property. Years ago, two of our buildings had 300kbps upload (on a good day) using DSL. We were stuck because it would have been extremely expensive to trench in cable service from the surrounding neighborhood, which was the only other option at that time. Fiber service came through our city and FM ended up approving the installation of that in all of our buildings. We now enjoy over 250Mbps upload (and download) for only a little more than we were paying for DSL.

My brother was recently a bishop in a tiny town near Yakima, WA and the only thing available there is satellite or a data plan from a cellphone carrier. Both cost a lot and have severe limitations on data caps and available bandwidth. Different area, different circumstances.

My point is, each situation is different. FM groups understand the need for Internet bandwidth, but they also have necessities like budgets to deal with.
lajackson wrote: If hardwire is not available to stream, using Lehi for the stream allows turning off Liahona to give bandwidth to the webcast. Again, other leaders should not be Zooming.

Worst case, you turn off Liahona and you change the Lehi password, giving it only to the technologist who is streaming the sacrament meeting.
lajackson nailed the correct answer for those with limited upload speeds.