Robot vacuum usage

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Robot vacuum usage


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Anyone out there using a robot vacuum (Roomba, etc) in the church? As I vacuumed the chapel recently and noted all the damage to the pews from years of vacuums bumping here and there, it made me wonder. Would like to hear success or failure stories. Those vacuums are meant for houses afaik, so I'm not even sure they'd know what to do in a room as big as a chapel. But imagine the glory of it driving under all the pews!
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Re: Robot vacuum usage


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Our Roomba never did a great job at home, primarily due to the depth of our carpet, but it would do fine on the commercial carpet used in meetinghouses. Roomba has poor suction and a very small storage container. So it would probably be full before the battery ran out. When my Roomba battery lost the ability to take a charge, I just gave it to Goodwill.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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