Disappearing Calling

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Disappearing Calling

Postby jeromer7 » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:09 pm

Last night I was going through the Organizations section again, trying to be sure I got all unnecessary "custom callings" converted to standard positions--where there was one. This was in Stake level MLS 3.0.3.

Things were going nicely until I got to Family History. I know this was previously populated with the positions for our Stake FHC, but the only calling listed was for Extraction Director (not exact title...working here from memory) with no name associated with it. This is not a position we have in our stake. The entries in the other orgainzations were correct so I was surprised to see the FHC entries were missing.

I used Remove to deleted the entire Extraction entry and then added the FHC Director. Then added an Assistant FHC Director-Resources (custom calling). After this 2nd position was added, I had three entries displayed: two duplicate instances for the FHC Director and the Assistant FHC Director-Resources. I scratched my head a bit and used Remove to delete one of the duplicate FHC Director entries.

The screen now only displayed the Assistant FHC Director-Resources entry. This implies to me one of the FHC Director entries was a ghost entry on the display and not really a duplicate entry. So when I used Remove, instead of deleting what appeared to be a dupe, I actually deleted the FHC Director.

At this point, it was late. I was tired. Did not explore this phenomenon further. Reporting here to see if others experience the same or similar responses anywhere within the Organizations area.

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