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Reclaiming Accidentally Lost Zoom Church Acct

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:29 pm
by DTonga
As I tried to find the admin settings, I noticed that the role of the owner account was "Member." So in an attempt to find out how to add users, I ended up adding the owner eMail for the Church account to my personal pro account, and it was accepted and changed. Thus, changing the eMail associated with the Church account to a basic user under my personal account. I tried to reverse the process, by disassociating the owner eMail for the Church account from my personal account. Which was done successfully, however, that process left the owner eMail of the Church account with a new basic account. I cannot find a way to re-associate the original owner eMail back to the Church account, because I do not have any account information on the Church account. Would anyone have any suggestions for how we can re-associate the owner eMail to the Church account (which is unknown at this time). Please advise...