Connecting to Liahona WiFi

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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by tannerlex »

I also have this issue currently. I'm using a Ubuntu 18 laptop. I never get the splash "continue to internet" page. I have not had this kind of issue at hotels which share a similar method.
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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by russellhltn »

I'd make sure you're using the DNS provided by the network and not some other - perhaps as some kind of performance improvement or filtering. It's possible the hotel systems are intercepting DNS calls instead of blocking them.
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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by if009 »

Were you able to get the captive portal detection to work? If not try resetting the NIC
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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by riffr49 »

I had this same issue today and was able to finally connect by allowing pop ups. Because they were disabled they page that opens up where you connect to the internet was never opening. Once I went into my settings in Chrome and did that I was able to connect. There is also a way you can block all pop up except from approved sites. You should see it in the settings when you go to enable pop ups. Hope this helps
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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by jcluff47 »

For those on Mac, this worked for me:
  • Click the Apple icon in top left
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Network
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Select the "DNS" tab
  • Make sure there is no entry there that is not greyed out; the font will look white if there is an existing entry. The church configures their own DNS addresses when you connect to their network. If it is working properly you should probably see two greyed out IP addresses. In my case they were and What I found was that I had a permanent DNS entry that I had previously setup.
  • To delete the address simply click on the entry and click the "-" (minus) button.
  • Click OK
Once I did all of that it popped up the splash screen. Hopefully this helps someone.
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Re: Connecting to Liahona WiFi


Post by milnerm1 »

I have an older Mac (2011), and have the symptom where the authentication screen never appears after the WiFi connects. The following works for me:

- Open Safari.
- Open an incognito window.
- Browse to

This loads the elusive, “Continue to the Internet” screen.

Hopefully this can be useful to someone.
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