Modifying mission end dates in LCR

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Modifying mission end dates in LCR


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We have a missionary that was originally assigned to Montana (Aug 19 to Aug 21). He started his mission, was released after two months, and received a new mission call as a Service Missionary (Oct 19 to Aug 21). The Stake President gave him an early honorable release (Dec 2020). Upon release he moved to Provo, his records were then sent to his new ward, and he was contacted by the Provo Service Mission President, who stated that he received a notification of a new, actively-serving service missionary in his mission. The mission president asked that the record be returned to his home stake to close out his mission. The record is now back in his home ward, and as Ward Clerk I see the erroneous mission end dates under callings in his membership profile, but cannot change them (the help dot says that only stake can edit), but when the Stake Clerk logs it, he likewise cannot change start-end dates for the original or service mission and the help dot says that only ward can edit.
Does anybody have advice on who can edit mission end dates in LCR so we can fix and send the records of the ex-missionary back to Provo without them stating that he is actively and simultaneously serving two missions that won't end for 8 more months?
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Re: Modifying mission end dates in LCR


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You will need to contact the Global Services Department. You don't have the ability to edit mission dates in LCR.
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