Covid Restrictions Warning on Meetinghouse Locator Page

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Covid Restrictions Warning on Meetinghouse Locator Page


Post by aosguthorpe »

Can anyone think of a way to put a Covid warning on the meetinghouse locator page. This would so that when visitors look up the chapel online through find a meetinghouse they see an alert that says something like:

"Covid attendee restrictions in place for in-person meetings at this facility. Please contact Branch President prior to coming to meetinghouse."

The only other thought I had was possibly to remove the address and start time for the time being until restrictions are lifted.

Any advice welcome.
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Re: Covid Restrictions Warning on Meetinghouse Locator Page


Post by russellhltn »

I'd suggest submitting feedback using the link at the bottom of the church webpage. In this case, I don't think there's a standard footer, so you'd have to use the main page.

The only other route is for the stake president to take the issue up with his presiding council.
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Re: Covid Restrictions Warning on Meetinghouse Locator Page


Post by davesudweeks »

aosguthorpe wrote:Any advice welcome.
One thing that might be easier to implement is a general note on the find a meeting house page - Something along the lines that "it might be prudent to call the number listed (bishop or branch president) and ask them if there are any local restrictions you need to be aware of before visiting." Given the fluid situations around the world, one should not assume that the area you are visiting will be on the same schedule you are.

But the advice to provide feedback on the church web page is best as no one with any authority to consider your suggestion will likely see a post here.
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