Assistant Executive Secretary Access Please

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Assistant Executive Secretary Access Please


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I am the assistant executive secretary in my ward. My job is to schedule for the counselors the youth semi annual interviews where appropriate as well and temple recommend interview renewals, where appropriate. Just tonight I'm working on the list I was sent by the executive secretary and the information is out of date...and it's only a report that's a week old. It would greatly improve efficiency and efficacy in my calling if I had access to the interviews list and recommends list at the very least. Having to rely on another person to pull the information just hamstrings me a bit. I get that we can rely on each other, however I don't think requesting access to these reports is too much of an ask is it? From what I can see here this has been a request for MANY YEARS and yet no movement? It's pretty common to have an asst exec secretary in the states to help with coordinating meetings and calendars for why is this still an issue? Can you please add the calling "Ward Assistant Executive Secretary" to the list of permissions for those reports? Pretty simple lookup list there, it would help a lot.

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Re: Assistant Executive Secretary Access Please


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Is "Assistant Executive Secretary" listed in the handbook? If not, that would explain why you don't have access as the software follows the handbook. Custom callings don't grant any access to anything beyond what a regular member has so if your ward has created this calling to assist in the scheduling for the bishopric, they will have to provide the information to you to be successful in your assignment.

There is nothing anyone on this user-to-user help forum can do about it. You can provide feedback from any church web page as the official method to request features, or you can ask your bishop to convince your stake president to bring it up in his coordinating council.
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Re: Assistant Executive Secretary Access Please


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Was this a calling issued by the Stake, or by the Bishop? In LCR if I try to add a calling to a member and choose the "Branch Presidency" organization (you'd see Bishopric), I don't see any options besides "Custom Calling" (which makes sense since the Stake handles those callings). You may want to circle back with whoever issued the calling so they're aware of this limitation you're under, they may not understand this particular aspect of LCR access.
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