Zoom sub-accounts

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Zoom sub-accounts


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I know under the standard Zoom pro accounts you are enabled to have sub-accounts (additional users under the single account) each with their own distinct login. We were thinking of having each aux group have their own sub-account within each ward account, but as we logged in to test this in the last few days, it seems these church pro accounts have the sub-accounts disabled? Is everyone else seeing the same thing? We are trying not to have to distribute the single username/password to the entire ward/stake council if possible.

Anyone else seeing anything different or know how to facilitate this?
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Re: Zoom sub-accounts


Post by lajackson »

pysan wrote:. . . it seems these church pro accounts have the sub-accounts disabled?
Something like that. I think the Church is the main account and we are the sub-accounts. Or else it is disabled, same result either way.

Different wards have different ways of handling it that vary from putting a great workload on the ward clerk (or whoever is managing the ward Zoom account) to a whole lot of coordinated autonomy among the ward council. If things get out of hand, you can always change the password for the account.
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Re: Zoom sub-accounts


Post by russellhltn »

I think the method most discussed is to user the unit account to schedule the events. Make so to set it to that users can join before the host (but only a little before - not unlimited). Then give the leaders the "Host Key". That way, they can join the meeting before it starts and use the Host Key to take control.

One of the niceties of this is that the scheduling is all done under the one account and you can make sure to avoid having more than two meetings at the same time. If you start passing around the login, things could get out of control.

Keep in mind that personal accounts still work fine for meetings of 40 minutes or less. Even then, they just have to restart/rejoin to continue.
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