OBS vs ATEM or both?

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Re: OBS vs ATEM or both?


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Thanks for the discussion and opinions. Our stake is rather large. North to South is about 2.5 hours and east to west is about 2 hours apart. We have had a 3 camera setup for many years. Prior to that, we used only one camera. Our leaders have always felt that having a good broadcast for those who can't attend in person is important. We always have a display of televisions on the podium so the people sitting behind the podium can see the face of those speaking. We have received many compliments from traveling General Authorities about our broadcast.

One of our cameras is going bad. We asked our stake president if we could replace it. He said that because of the pandemic and no stake youth activities last year there was a lot of money in the budget. He said he wanted to invest in better technologies and improve the picture and audio quality of the broadcast. Instead of the 480i quality we have, he wanted HD. He wants it to be comparable to when people watch regular TV. He said he didn't want poor video quality or technology to distract from the message of the spirit. So we are looking to revamp. We normally have 4 to 5 people in the broadcast room. 1 is doing audio, 1 is the camera operator, 1 doing video mixing, 1 is running the computer and monitoring the broadcast. The 5th person is basically checking the audio in RS/Primary/Chapel/Gym or stepping in if someone has to use the restroom. We also want to reduce the number of people involved so more people can be with their families and enjoy the conference.

I guess we could reduce the number of people now if we just had the cameras preset and zoomed out. However, we use a PTZ and often give close-ups. Members enjoy this because they can see the speaker's eyes and face better than when they sit in the back of the chapel or Gym. This isn't possible if we use presets because of the different height differences of members. We have an audio operator because turns on and off of Choir microphones or wireless lapel microphones. Sometimes we have training sessions where leaders come down from the stand and use a chalkboard and wireless microphones are passed around to members of the congregation to participate or answer questions.

I hope the church doesn't go down to one camera. I hope they can use their buying power to get better deals and also standardized. I've read in this forum that the church is revamping Audio/Video in some stakes and they are getting new equipment that is far more than a MEVO camera.

Our last stake conference beat our regular stake conference attendance. I think broadcasting is here to stay. I hope we can broadcast to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Maybe more of our nonmember friends will view our message.
I hope they won't see a single camera with a far away picture of the pulpit that doesn't change.

Let's be honest, not all of our speakers are dynamic or can hold our attention to hear the message. It would be nice to have a different view to keep people watching and maybe they hear only 1 sentence or one paragraph from the speaker that touches them. Whereas, maybe they completely tune out with a single angle that never changes. I grew up in the church only hearing priesthood session of General Conference over the telephone at the Stake Center. For some reason, the other sessions weren't available to us. All the Stake Leaders would sit on the stand. As a deacon and teacher, our fun was guessing which one would fall asleep first. We would hear some things, but it was really hard to pay attention. Today audience is often on their phones, but maybe if we gave our viewers different views, overlays with quotes, and things pertaining to the speaker's message (which we do) we might get them off their phones and paying attention longer. Maybe they might hear something that changes the course of their life? What is the worth of a soul?

That is one thing I like about the church is we can all have different views about procedures and policies, and we do. What unites us is our covenants. We should each follow our local leaders, which is what we are doing at my stake.
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Re: OBS vs ATEM or both?


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There are newer ATEMs with built in streaming so there is no need for OBS or a Teradek. Example for under $300 is the Blackmagic ATEM Mini.
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Re: OBS vs ATEM or both?


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mashcraft wrote:There are newer ATEMs with built in streaming so there is no need for OBS or a Teradek. Example for under $300 is the Blackmagic ATEM Mini.
We've recently installed ATEM tv studio HD and 3x HD cameras in our stake center. Our Teradeks are old and the latest firmware does not support Youtube and other streaming anymore (since Youtube APIs have been updated). Church Dashboard and webcast portal squish our video to 168p. We've been looking for opportunities to broadcast to somewhere else to keep the HD picture.
Compared to other use cases on this forum, we're doing the broadcast with 3 languages, and this is the main challenge.
It would be possible to use Teradeks+ATEM without OBS, if we could change church webcast to HD. Sadly we can't find the latest manual that would help us to reconfigure Teradeks. It seems like either the dashboard has changed or we don't have permission in the stake to see the Teradeks button to do it.
Since our Teradeks don't support Youtube and other streaming services anymore, we may end up using 3 PCs with OBS.
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