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Discussion Website/App for Church Groups

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 4:01 pm
by webmonk
I'm wondering if there are ways for groups (relief society, elders quorum, yw, ym, any arbitrary group) to communicate outside of being together at one time (whether physically or virtually).

I don't feel public social media that faces millions isn't the answer. Platforms that are more private that run on user accounts that connect information about you save drive advertising at you isn't a good solution.

I don't see the conversations being something that would need high security and strict privacy, but a reasonable amount of each would be nice.

We use Slack at work. A nice chat platform where we can set up discussion areas for certain topics. It has a lot on common with this forum, but it also acts somewhat like a texting app and allows real time communication with mobile device notifications.

Here is a real world example. A YM quorum needs to plan and discuss an activity. They can post suggestions, discuss them, vote on them and schedule the activity. This would still be under the same rules and guidelines out out by the church for any meeting, in that it would be overseen by the proper leaders and/or parents.

This would prevent all the YM from needing to be together physically or at the same time for a phone or video call. It wouldn't need to take up so much of the precious Sunday or weekday activity time with the planning details.

Other examples might deal with entire units discussing emergency preparedness ideas, success stories, etc. Or the elders quorum discussing and planning services projects. It could work across a stake or even a broader reach.

The chats would be available for members to read if they are not available while the conversation is occurring. Also for leaders to keep tabs on things, and for historic reference.

Has anyone else felt the need for a similar tool? Has anyone tried and succeeded at implementing this? Does anyone see any issues with this approach?

Re: Discussion Website/App for Church Groups

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 4:45 pm
by russellhltn
Have you looked at the Gospel Living app?