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Ward and Branch Clerk access to LUFAS

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 5:18 am
by jtwhitn
Why are Ward and Branch Clerks not given access to their unit audit reports, so they can complete the required audit action items, and also to conduct practice audits. We used to have access to the practice audit in MLS which was of great help prior to our semi-annual audits to ensure that our records were in order.

Re: Ward and Branch Clerk access to LUFAS

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:20 am
by drepouille
I can see your point. When I was stake clerk, I routinely downloaded the PDF of the latest audit and emailed it to all the ward clerks. When I was a member of the stake audit committee, I strongly advocated that each ward clerk should perform a self-audit between the end of the audit period and the arrival of the auditor, to minimize trivial (and silly) audit exceptions. When I was released from that, and became a ward clerk, I asked the stake audit committee to email me a PDF of the latest audit, so I could perform my own self-audit.
On the other hand, since the bishop, not the ward clerk, signs each audit, there is really no reason for the ward clerks to login to LUFAS. I don't know if your bishop can login to LUFAS and give you what you need, but that is a workaround.

Re: Ward and Branch Clerk access to LUFAS

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:34 am
by eblood66
At one point LUFAS did allow ward clerks to log in and download a copy of the Audit PDF (but not much else). But even that was useful to do a self audit as suggested here. But then that access was removed several years ago.

I agree that it would be useful if the ward clerks could at least view audits and run the practice audit. As drepouille says, there are workarounds with the help of a stake clerk and the bishop but it would be nice if it didn't have to add to their work. You can always send feedback with the suggestion and the reason for it. You may not be able to access the LUFAS itself (and I don't see any feedback link there anyway) but you can use the Feedback link on any other page of and it should still be routed to the correct people. You can also mention it to your audit committee chairman and ask them to pass the request along to your Area Auditor or Assistant Area Auditor.

Re: Ward and Branch Clerk access to LUFAS

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:45 pm
by jtwhitn
I've been a clerk long enough to remember running practice audits in MLS and having access, then losing it in LCR. The Bishop/Branch President can access LUFAS and email or print a copy of the last audit to the clerk but i always thought a clerks duties were to keep the administration portion of the job off the Bishop/Branch Presidents plate.. I have provided 'Feedback' several times asking this question and have never received a response. No breath holding here so no worries. thanks all.