Directory Makes Me Login Twice

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Re: Directory Makes Me Login Twice


Post by sophieblue »

Well, apparently there is no answer to having to log in twice to get to the directory. I use Firefox. I bookmarked the main page so I don't have to type in the url. I've cleared history and cache. I still have to sign in twice for the directory. Maybe I'll poke IT or someone else to see if there is an answer.
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Re: Directory Makes Me Login Twice


Post by SteveWilson1975 »

I am having the same issue for the last few months.
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Re: Directory Makes Me Login Twice


Post by drepouille »

Interesting. I must login twice when I use Chrome on Windows 10, but it works on the first try when I use Chromium on Linux Mint.
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Re: Directory Makes Me Login Twice


Post by mevans »

I've experienced the same thing. I haven't paid a lot of attention to it; I just log in again. I think the behavior may have been limited to Firefox, as I think it worked properly on Chrome. I recently cleared cached data on Firefox and I think I've been able to see the directory now without logging in twice...but clearing all the cookies oddly broke scripture annotation. I think I finally got that working again. It's all pretty fussy. I just try until something works...or give up if it doesn't want to work on that day.
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