Shortened URLs for some social sharing, etc.?

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Shortened URLs for some social sharing, etc.?


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One thing that is still an occasional issue, and that might still be one going forward in some respects, is the matter that some sites count all the characters in a URL in a post, etc., as part of the post.

This is particularly a need when wanting to share General Conference, etc., on those sites, some of the conference talks URLs are sort of longish.

A general practice is to provide a much shortened URL that redirects to the URL for the given resource , talk, or other site. Examples of those in common use are bitly, Tinyurl, Google's shortener, etc. These have a character length of under 20 characters, not the hundred or so on some resources, most are between 50 and 100. Having a shortened URL included at the end of a page or other place associated with it would be a big help in some cases.

They did this in a few cases with 2010's New Era articles, lasted only a short time though but the need going forward might help with member and missionary sharing.
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