Sign out needs new password

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Sign out needs new password


Post by zaneclark »

I have been using the same user name and password for my Church Account for several years with no problems. Today I went to settings in Tools and signed out, and then when I tried to sign back in a few minutes later, it won't sign in without setting a new password.. Anything I can do to reuse my old password?
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Re: Sign out needs new password


Post by BrianEdwards »

I don't know what type of smarts the system has, but perhaps setting the password to a couple of intermediate temporary passwords would allow you to cycle back to the one you want to continue using?

And yes, I'm quite aware that defeats the intent of password security! For those of us with certain callings, the system regularly requires us to change our password, which I then need to manually sync with the password I use on the MLS computer since I'm absolutely no good at keeping track of a gazillion passwords everywhere ;)
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Re: Sign out needs new password


Post by russellhltn »

I'm wondering if the limitation is that the rules for passwords changed at some point and the old password was no longer acceptable. I could see that being enforced in a app that stores other people's data.

You might want to search (Ctrl-F in many browsers) on the page Wikipedia:10,000 most common passwords. If your password is on it, that might be why it's refused.

You might also try
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Re: Sign out needs new password


Post by KentAnderson »

Some callings may require changing passwords every so often. My wife was a seminary teacher and had to change her Church account password every 90 days.
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