Two Finance Clerks in MLS

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Two Finance Clerks in MLS


Post by bscloward »

We have two finance clerks set up in MLS, Financial Clerk and Financial Clerk-2. When finalizing the entry for donations and we need to enter two individuals to authorize the batch, Financial Clerk-2 is missing from the list. This calling has the same permissions as "Financial Clerk". How do we get MLS to recognize "Financial Clerk-2"? This calling is able to log in to MLS to enter the donations but can't authorize the batch. We need to have two finance clerks due to their work schedules.
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Re: Two Finance Clerks in MLS


Post by drepouille »

The clerk must have a standard calling, not a custom calling.
A member of the bishopric must be one of those to sign the donation batch.
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Re: Two Finance Clerks in MLS


Post by russellhltn »

In addition, I don't think you're allowed to have two Finance Clerks anymore. You could (with the stake's blessing) have an "assistant clerk" which I think give both finance and membership rights.
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Re: Two Finance Clerks in MLS


Post by davesudweeks »

Standard callings:
"Assistant Clerk" gives rights to both membership and finance
"Assistant Clerk - Membership" only gives rights to membership
"Assistant Clerk - Finance" only gives rights to finance.

So each unit can have 3 clerks with finance rights: Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Assistant Clerk - Finance. These all have to be approved by the stake and (as previously mentioned) must be entered as standard callings to be able to approve donation batches. I believe the system prevents 2 clerks from approving a donation batch - one of the approvers must be a bishopric member.
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