Tv in bishops office

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Re: Tv in bishops office


Post by BrianEdwards »

Not sure if this clears up anything, but I am aware of this Meetinghouse Technology FAQ: ... y?lang=eng
7.5 Installation
7.5.1 Physical modifications to a meetinghouse, including the mounting of televisions, cameras, digital projectors, and projector screens, may only be done in compliance with MFD standard plans.
7.5.2 Physical modifications to a meetinghouse must be overseen by the FM group.
I don't pretend to know what this means in practice and how much flexibility this entails. Plus, we're all aware that there's a wide variety of modifications that have been "approved" in different buildings throughout the USA/world. But at least this FAQ does imply that the FM Group indeed is there to direct and not just oversee, since the Stake is not going to know what (if any) restrictions the MFD would have.
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Re: Tv in bishops office


Post by wrigjef »

I've never seen FM overturn a decision that the stake has made regarding the building.
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Re: Tv in bishops office


Post by johnshaw »

Wow, we've had tvs that members donated moved to another building rather than FM taking the hit in budget. I've had FM move webcasting equipment from our buildings (purchased by the stake) to another stake because that stake asked for webcast equipment. They did this the week of our own stake conference.

The list goes on and on.

We were told, too bad, anything in the building belongs to FM. The only way to ensure things stay in the building that we purchase was too lock them in the bishops credenza.

The FM was a member of our stake.
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Re: Tv in bishops office


Post by davesudweeks »

johnshaw wrote:anything in the building belongs to FM.
I believe this is a true statement. Wards and Stakes are tenants in the buildings - they don't own them, the church does and the FM group manages that ownership.

I have also heard that the Stake President usually carries a lot of clout with the FM group, though I don't have any evidence of that fact. The bishop has no clout whatsoever with the FM group (at least in my past experiences as a branch president and a bishop).

But I have also seen that different FM groups are run differently - some are more responsive than others. Some see their stakes and wards as "customers" that they serve and others do not.
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Re: Tv in bishops office


Post by allenjpl »

Our RS room had a TV mounted in it at least 6 months ago. I've been somewhat expecting an installation or relocation of a power outlet to follow, because there aren't any outlets within at least 15' of this TV with its 6' cord. So far, that hasn't happened.
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