Bikes for missionaries

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Bikes for missionaries


Post by rjhidaho »

We have a member wishing to support a need for bicycles for missionaries working in our area.

He would like to donate the bicycles but would like to donate the funds to the ward so they are seen as a tax deductible donation.

The ward could then facilitate the purchase and give them to the mission in our area.

Is such a method allowed/ appropriate?

If not, other suggestions?
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Re: Bikes for missionaries


Post by lajackson »

rjhidaho wrote:He would like to donate the bicycles but would like to donate the funds to the ward so they are seen as a tax deductible donation.
I am not bright enough to figure out a way to turn this into a tax deductible donation. I do know that the Ward Missionary Fund does not take donations in kind. And the ward is not allowed to spend from the Ward Missionary Fund account. The only authorized expenditure is the automatic sweep the Church does each month.

And with the caveat that I am not a certified tax accountant, it is my understanding that specific contributions to individuals generally are not tax deductible donations under current U.S. tax law. You should have your accountant weigh in for more reliable tax advice, of course.
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Re: Bikes for missionaries


Post by russellhltn »

I'd direct the member to talk to the mission. It might be different elsewhere, but aside from the equalized payments that are sent to church headquarters, the ward doesn't supply goods missionaries. I'd expect that what the church does supply comes to them via the mission.

But as lajackson, this may not be an automatic tax deduction, but something he's going to need to work out with his tax adviser.
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Re: Bikes for missionaries


Post by davesudweeks »

We had a local need here a couple of years ago. A member worked with a local bike shop to arrange repair some older bikes to provide to the missionaries. Members of the 3 wards in our area were informed that if they wanted to help, they could go make a deposit on the account at the bike shop and they would do the work. It was made clear up front that participation was strictly voluntary and it wouldn't be a tax deductible donation.
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