Assistant Ward Clerk - No Access to LCR

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Assistant Ward Clerk - No Access to LCR


Post by Bumperin »

Hi Everyone,

We recently called an assistant ward clerk, long story short he has lost access to the clerk site completely. We've tried removing the "Assistant Ward Clerk" permission and re-adding it but that hasn't worked. This is not a custom calling, we've selected the permission from the drop down under Bishopric. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Re: Assistant Ward Clerk - No Access to LCR


Post by rmrichesjr »

Re-adding permissions can take ~24 hours to take effect. If you're at the ward level, your most direct help option is your stake clerk. If he can't solve the problem, one of you could call the Global Service Department.
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Re: Assistant Ward Clerk - No Access to LCR


Post by jdlessley »

Have you checked to see if anything has changed in his Church Account? Check to see if his MRN is recorded properly in the account. Some people have two or more Church Accounts but only one can have his MRN recorded in it.
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Re: Assistant Ward Clerk - No Access to LCR


Post by russellhltn »

Some issues:
1) it can take 24 hours for permissions to get through the system.
2) the MRN on his account has to match the MRN of the member holding the calling.
3) Make sure he's using a valid link to the web page.
4) Try incognito mode. Church web pages have problems with cookie buildup that can cause all kinds of problems.
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