Gospel Library Survey - annotations

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Gospel Library Survey - annotations


Post by mevans »

I've seen this popup message while studying the last couple of days...

If you were able to start a new study experience without all your existing markings/highlights, tags, or notes to clutter up your thoughts, what would you call that feature? (This would not delete your previously created marks and notes.)

This is followed by several choices.

I've long thought that would be a helpful feature. I'm glad to see that someone's thinking about it; however, I really wish they'd focus on stability and performance of the platform. There are so many problems that I imagine there are many discouraged users. Maybe the story is different on mobile devices, but I don't find studying on mobile devices to be enjoyable. I usually use them for read-only consumption, and even then, I find that the annotation sync isn't working at times when I really wanted my recent notes from the web version to be available on the mobile version.
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Re: Gospel Library Survey - annotations


Post by porterdansie »

Yeah I agree. When I only used my phone, it worked great, but now, I'm on a mission, and as my companionship shares a phone, and we are in the clerk's office a lot, I have been finding myself using the desktop version a lot, and there are definitley a lot of stability issues, especially regarding saving annotations, but also with sync, and sometimes, even with navigating to different materials or chapters. I really would love to see some improvements here.
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