Is Direct Payment for Missionary Couple possible?

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Is Direct Payment for Missionary Couple possible?


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A couple in the ward is going on a mission and inquired of me (financial clerk) how to set up direct payment for the missionary payment. They were wondering if it is something to initiate with the church or their bank. I told them I have no clue but would look into it. Is direct payment in this situation even possible? Anyone have any information on this?
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Re: Is Direct Payment for Missionary Couple possible?


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Looking at General Handbook, this sounds much like the system for Young Teaching Missionaries - the church will set up a sub-account in the Ward Missionary account at the appropriate time. I'd image that payments can be made the same way.

Payment can be done via the Donation website. Other than having the bank send a check to the bishop's address (and putting the burden of filling out a donation slip on the bishop or clerk), I don't know as any direct payment is possible.

I'd advise against pre-paying for the mission as things can change and refunds are not allowed.
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