LCR Check approvals

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Re: LCR Check approvals


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There have been many times that I have been asked to print a check with the expectation and promise that a paid receipt would be returned to me for my files and the audit. We absolutely need the ability to print checks before receipts are available. I believe that is the use case. The two signatures on the cancelled check image are equivalent to two online approvals. We all know and expect that the auditor will ask to see the receipts.
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Re: LCR Check approvals


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We absolutely need the ability to print checks before receipts are available
Agreed, and Bishops are aware of those situations and assuredly are careful in verifying any check amount prior to printing. I think we may sometimes conflate "expense approval" with "receipt verification". If an online receipt is uploaded, then to me this definitely makes sense to verify the e-receipt as part of the check printing process. But if no e-receipt exists, then the "expense approval" may occur, with or without a physical receipt in-hand. Obviously the Bishop is ultimately responsible for ensuring the paper receipt is supplied either before or after check printing, and church audits help ensure adherence.
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