Revelations in Context text window width

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Revelations in Context text window width


Post by ronxanderson »

Please see the attached screenshots. The width of the column for the Revelations in Context text is too narrow compared to the Index to the left. So I clicked on the arrow to the left of 'A House of Order,' believing it might fix the problem, and instead, the text column disappeared. How can I see more of text and less of the Index? Seems like that is way the way this page ought to be displayed.
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Re: Revelations in Context text window width


Post by sbradshaw »

The sidebar on the right doesn't resize, but you can navigate to the chapter and have it fill the full page by clicking on the dark blue "A House for Our God" title just above the largest title in the sidebar. I think it's a bug that when you clicked a link, it opened the sidebar instead of navigating. You can report it as a bug by using the feedback link at the bottom of the Church website.
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