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Other payments section


Post by timothyfenner »

A lot of our members have deceided to switch to online donations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The issue I am seeing on a regular basis is that for activities , i.e. youth camp, they cannot donate online because they don't have the categories that match the MLS categories.

Is there anyway to have the donation slip on the website match the ward's donation categories as per MLS or will those types of donations have to continue to be done manually?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Other payments section


Post by eblood66 »

No information has been released on any planned changes in this area. The only official statement we have is in the Donations FAQ:

Consistent with Church policy, our ward may have a fundraising activity to raise money for youth activities such as Young Women or Aaronic Priesthood quorum camps. Can this money be donated online?

No, contributions made for fundraising activities are not considered donations but are considered a payment for goods or services and cannot be completed online. They are similar to paying for the cost of craft projects that are part of a Relief Society activity. They must be done through your local ward or branch.

You can certainly submit feedback (using the feedback link on any page of the main website). But based on the statement in the FAQ there may be legal or tax issues which motivate the policy in which case it probably won't change.
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