Webcast end of life question.

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Re: Webcast end of life question.


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ccordoba24 wrote: Sat Oct 09, 2021 1:24 am Actually, maybe I expressed myself incorrectly here. What happens is that our input for video is at the rear of the chapel then the output is under the sacrament table. So when I have the camera in the rear of the chapel and take out HDMI from the sacrament table to a laptop directly, I get a test pattern (sounds is OK). I tried with an 8Ware HDMI to USB adaptor cable but get a test pattern and no sound then. So the problem is the chapels video feed which won't work with the average hdmi/usb adaptor
You may need to find what format the a/v system is outputting the HDMI signal and then look for an adapter that can support it. When you connect two devices together, they can negotiate. But when dealing with splitter or distribution boxes, they may be less flexible.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

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Re: Webcast end of life question.


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Here is a tale of two stakes. I was in one stake for a number of years before moving to my current stake almost five years ago. I still know enough people in stake A that I talk to on a regular basis that I know very little has changed, even with covid.

In stake A a new stake building was build about 17 years ago, and had all of the bells and whistles, and was designed to be another stake building, if the current stake grew large enough. For the Saturday evening Adult sessions of stake conference everyone able to meets in the official stake building. Everyone is within, or at, a hour drive from the official stake center. For the Sunday session the new building would be used as the main chapel, with all of the stake presidencies on the palladium, with a video camera set up between the chapel and overflow area, and a projector with screen set up for the cultural hall, with TVs set up in RS and Primary for the cry rooms and local Spanish speakers. Since the new building was at least a hour 45 minutes from the west most branch, and there was a Spanish speaking branch as well, and other considerations, the Sunday stake conference is broadcast to three other chapels - the main stake center, one south of the stake center for the Spanish speaking members, and one northwest for half of the YSA ward and the west most branches. I have not asked if they have started to live stream the stake conferences for people to view at home, yet with it already being broadcast to church buildings (most likely using the meetinghouse webcast that is being discontinued) I don't think they are, or they could just share the webcast link. For them it will be easy, as they are already wired up with the latest and greatest, and I am sure they have been receiving upgrades as they became available, so they should be current.

Stake B, where I live now, did stream one stake conference once, yet the stake presidency asks that everyone attend in person, wearing masks, and social distancing. They no longer broadcast stake conference. Being part of the branch presidency (clerk and exe sec) I am expected to attend the Saturday leadership session, and stay for the evening adult session. This means I drive 1 1/2 hours one way to attend any/all stake sessions, and get to make the trip back home afterwards. The stake building is on the far east side of the stake, I am on the far west side.

In my current branch we have always been a small analog chapel, and now we are fighting to be updated/upgraded. First the satellites and the switch to digital streaming devices (a work in progress), now this. Currently we only have the branch president's tablet on the pulpit (nice nose hairs), and me with my cell phone in the back switching from live view to sharing a screen shot (me sharing a picture of the last supper with text saying sacrament in progress, be right back)/placing on hold the panelist, then switching back, all on the Zoom app. I am sitting in the back of the overflow area so no-one at the stand is trying to push buttons and making for a distraction. While our solution works for us, right now, what happens if one of us can't make it one Sunday? And what happens if we go from one tiny branch to three large wards in the building?
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Re: Webcast end of life question.


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Tmorrill wrote: Thu Oct 07, 2021 8:51 am
Mikerowaved wrote: Wed Oct 06, 2021 8:45 pm Our stake has their own YouTube channel, where all the wards are represented. https://youtube.com/LaytonUtahKaysCreekStake. I'd be happy to help others setup a similar channel, if this is what they want to migrate to.
I would be interested in learning how to set up a Stake YouTube where all our wards are represented and how to use it to broadcast our sacrament meetings. Also, are there any limitations to broadcasting this way? Are 3 wards able to broadcast at the same time? Do you also use YoutTube for your stake conferences as well?

At this point, YouTube sounds like the easiest route to migrate to, especially with a lot of our ward techs broadcasting in different ways right now. This would be a great way to get them all on the same page so we can work together to support each other as issues arise.
I would also be interested in learning how to set up a Stake YouTube where all our wards are represented and how to use it to broadcast our sacrament meetings. I'm new so I don't have access to PM. Is there another way to get this information, possibly email? Is this something that could be posted to the forum?
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Re: Webcast end of life question.


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I got to this post a while back looking for a solution to integrate our "old" VidiU setup with Zoom. Thought I should take the opportunity to post what worked for me if it might help someone else.

In our Stake Center we have a KanexPro Composite or S-Video with Audio to HDMI Converter that is connected via HDMI to our VidiU.

I took the question re an HDMI to USB capture card to a good brother I worked with recently (during a recent Stake Conference) who is a Systems Engineer from the church's Broadcast Planning and Support group. He responded letting me know how it should work and suggested a device that they had good success with. I was unable to purchase the device he suggested as the delivery times I was finding on Amazon would have put me well past our upcoming Stake Conference. After he reviewed the specs of the device I was considering, I went ahead and ordered (through Dell):

VisionTek UVC HD60 Capture Card 1080p
https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/visiont ... ccessories

I tested the device today during my Ward's sacrament meeting and it worked near flawlessly with Zoom. Basically unplug the HDMI from the VidiU, plug that into the HDMI in on the conversion card, plug in the usb cable from the coversion card to your comptuer. Make sure to match the sound and video inputs in Zoom to the input from the conversion card.

In this case the device came with an HDMI cable, as well as a USB Type-A to Type-C Adapter which worked great for me as I have a USB-C port on my laptop.
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Re: Webcast end of life question.


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According to the attached PDF file the Webcast system will go away July 2022.

"Over the past year, the Church has adopted virtual meeting technologies which
have allowed members to participate in worship and gospel learning from their
homes. As part of the Church’s ongoing effort to improve member experiences while
carefully managing available resources, we encourage units to start using Zoom
Webinars for meetings that are currently using the Church’s webcast system. The
Church’s webcast system will be discontinued in July 2022."
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