Sidebar pop instead of pop-window

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Sidebar pop instead of pop-window


Post by wharward »

Every time I select text from scripture, or conference talk, etc. the window pops up with what I want to do with it (copy, share, highlight, etc.)
I love the options, but it's so annoying because I just want to see the text, do my intended work, without the distraction.
Is is possible to put the notification in a bar dropping down from the top, or rising from the bottom, with a check box that says "Don't remind me"?

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Re: Sidebar pop instead of pop-window


Post by mevans »

That's a great idea, as sometimes you don't want that behavior. I think there was another post suggesting that, too.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum. For your voice to be heard, it's important to submit your suggestion through Feedback. Look for the Feedback link at the bottom of most pages (or near the bottom of the left sidebar if you're looking at Gospel Library content).
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Re: Sidebar pop instead of pop-window


Post by BrianEdwards »

I often am displaying my screen (in a classroom setting, or via Zoom) and want to highlight a section of a talk, or a portion of a verse, and of course the popup is distracting. Good idea, please submit the Feedback!
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