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Delete a living person sometimes unavailable

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2021 12:35 pm
by BillB850L
I have been having trouble deleting some living people from my private space - it says "Delete Person Unavailable". I have removed all relationships with deceased people - no change.

In two cases, I can see entries in the "Research Log" of another person doing a merge on the deceased mother of the living person I am trying to delete. I expect the software considers this a "contributor" so it blocks the delete (as it would for a deceased person). However, it doesn't make sense to block the delete for a living person in my private space since I am the only one that can see the living person (definition of "private space").

In another case, I am the only person listed in the "Research Log" but it says "Delete Person Unavailable" - very mysterious.

There seem to be some software problems in this area. By the definition of "private space", I should always be able to add/delete people - no restrictions.