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Recurring Event Option Goes Away

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 2:24 pm
by lajackson
According to a notice at the Church Webcast Event Manager Site, after tomorrow you will no longer be able to schedule a recurring event. The notice says the option will be removed on Tuesday, but that previously scheduled events will be unaffected.

I think this means that any events you already have scheduled will continue to repeat; you just cannot schedule any more of them. Then again, the English interpretation is not always the correct one, so I would check after next week to make sure your repeating events continue to be scheduled forward.

I would also point out that the notice assumes everyone is transitioning from the Meetinghouse Webcast platform to the Zoom platform. Those that will continue to use encoding devices will not be using Zoom, of course, because Zoom does not support them. I believe the Church has suggested YouTube Live as an option, although other options are also available.

I am grateful to those who are helping me make the transition from the Meetinghouse Webcast platform to YouTube Live. I hope to have a successful test soon, so that I can drop off of the Church system and save valuable tithing dollars. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks.