Double EFT reimbursement from fast offering category

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Double EFT reimbursement from fast offering category


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The RS Pres submitted a receipt that came out of fast offerings. The Bishop entered the expense. Two days later, she texted me to let me know that she had submitted a receipt. The original reimbursement request was handled before I ever saw it in the system. The same expense was recorded by me a few days later. Both were EFT, which cleared. It was caught during the monthly financial review. What is the best way to return the duplicate reimbursement into the Fast Offering category without having the member show on her record that her returning the extra funds was a donation?
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Re: Double EFT reimbursement from fast offering category


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You'll need to create a 'non-member' donor and credit the donation to that donor. The return will have to be done as a check or cash payment so you can set the donor. You could use a donor name such as 'Overpayment Return' or some such. Keep an explanation of the situation in the documentation of the donation batch as well as in the expense documentation.
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