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Chapel audio off


Post by phruby »

We recently had the new chapel av unit installed. It's worked well however sometimes the chapel audio will not turn on. The screen says chapel audio off and no way to turn it on. The cultural hall screens say they are controlled by the chapel. All of the dividers are open. We've turned the system off and on. The chapel screen refuses to let us turn it on. Its bad to come in on Sunday and find nothing works. Outside of the non responsive fm group what can we do?
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Re: Chapel audio off


Post by lajackson »

phruby wrote:Outside of the non responsive fm group what can we do?
Nothing. Your FM Group needs to respond, and if they do not, your stake president needs to make a phone call. Be sure to turn in an FIR every time the system does not work.
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Re: Chapel audio off


Post by Mikerowaved »

Yes, like lajackson said, a FIR ticket will start the process. The A/V system is under warranty from the installers. I don't know the warranty period, so don't delay in reporting the problem.

One thing to try if it's unresponsive is to power-cycle the whole rack. This is done by hitting the master switch on the far left of the power distribution unit, wait 10-15 seconds, then hit the switch again to power up the rack. It will take a couple of minutes for everything to boot up, then you can try the touchpad at the pulpit again.
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