Missing Donation Entry

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Missing Donation Entry


Post by r_vinoya »

What if there is missing donation entry and the bishopric, especially the one where we hand our donation, did not admit that they have fault...
What is proper way to handle the situation?

Actually we on our part, know that have paid full tithe. Since we already handed it to our leaders,
the fault is no longer with us. We have paid our obligation with the Lord.

We do not want to condemn our leaders, in fact i just recently read about Pres. Eyring's message about Power of Sustaining Vote.
But admittedly we're just Human. Our trust with a particular leader was tarnished.

Can you send advice?

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Re: Missing Donation Entry


Post by lajackson »

I would suggest you speak with your bishop if you feel the problem was with one of his counselors, and with the stake president if you feel the bishop might not be able to help you.
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Re: Missing Donation Entry


Post by eblood66 »

I would suggest that you let the Audit Committee Chairman (who will be one of the councilors in the Stake Presidency) know about the disagreement. One of the ward audit questions asks whether all disagreements between a member's records and the unit records have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. If there are any disagreements which have not been resolved it instructs the auditor to notify the Audit Committee Chairman as soon as possible with all relevant details.

I can't say what kind of resolution will happen (and that will obviously depend on all the details) but the instructions connected to this audit exception are some of the most strongly worded. The only similar instruction is when actual misuse of funds is suspected. So the church takes this kind of discrepancy very seriously and I would expect the stake audit committee to take it seriously as well.
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Re: Missing Donation Entry


Post by russellhltn »

There are guidelines for dealing with such things, but the starting point is with your priesthood leaders. If they have questions, they should consult with their presiding authority.
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Re: Missing Donation Entry


Post by BrianEdwards »

Actually we on our part, know that have paid full tithe
r_vinoya, I think there's two aspects to your concern, one more temporal and one more spiritual. For many members, it is important to get an accurate tithing statement for tax purposes. If that is your situation, then indeed the steps described in the previous posts will help resolve your situation.

But perhaps your concern is more "spiritual", in that you want to be considered a "full tithe-payer". If that's the case, then hopefully you can feel reassured when you consider the temple recommend questions. The question regarding tithing simply asks "Are you a full-tithe payer?". There is no requirement to "prove" this status, the member simply states their status. Of course a Bishop has the ability to be prompted to ask for more clarity (if he has some additional info based on previous interactions with that member, or if he just feels inspired). I would hope that every Bishop would be able to have a positive discussion with a member in a situation such as yours.
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Re: Missing Donation Entry


Post by drepouille »

r_vinoya wrote: Tue Dec 21, 2021 1:39 am Since we already handed it to our leaders, the fault is no longer with us.
Our trust with a particular leader was tarnished.
If the donation was a check, then it can be traced through bank records. If the donation was cash, but the donation was never entered, then auditing procedures must be followed in order to prove guilt or innocence, to avoid the appearance of malfeasance. The yellow copy of the donation slip is the only evidence you have of a cash donation. The yellow copy is your receipt, and is the first piece of evidence that the audit committee will ask for. The auditor can examine the donation batches to see if your donation was entered for a different donor.
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