Tidings payment in Italy

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Tidings payment in Italy


Post by MayaML »

My son has moved to Italy and has not been able to pay his tidings as you have to have an Italian bank account to pay it from (as he was told). Is there not any other way to pay them? He has been looking for a possibility for some time.
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Re: Tidings payment in Italy


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How is he been trying to pay tithing and other offerings? Does he want to do it by using a Tithing and Other Offerings paper slip with a check or online at the churchofjesuschrist.org/donations site? Donations made by check or online must be done using the local currency and thus a country specific bank. For online donations, if he has a home country (Norway?) bank and wants to make donations in Norwegian krone he could send an email to onlinedonationsupport@ldschurch.org. They may be able to flag his account so that he can donate online to the church in Norway using an Norwegian bank account.
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