New and Returning Members Form

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New and Returning Members Form


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Another suggestions tha might help another leaders across the realm.

The New and Returning Members form are completely outdated. Actually, it must be totally reviewed. However, we have to keep an parallel version in Google Docs in order to followup our members progress, from their baptism towards Temple sealings.

I created a custom report in order to use instead to use the New and Returning members form, but, this form is a power tool for the quorums and Relief Societies at the wards, once we must follow up one by one.

So, my suggestion is to update the new and returning members form, retrieving data from the LCR system in order to Bishoprics, EQ Presidencies, RS Presidencies and also Stake leadership to follow up each new and returning member progress properly.

If you need more clarification, please, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks and best regards,

Denis Pedro
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Re: New and Returning Members Form


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Unfortunately, this forum is primarily for user-to-user support and in almost all cases suggestions here won't be seen by anyone with the ability to do anything about it.

There are two official means of making suggestions. First is to use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page in LCR. Any reports there will be routed to the decision makers although you may or may not get a direct response. Second is to talk to your area authority and ask them to pass it on directly to the appropriate department.
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