Travel Reimbursement Ward / Stake (Budgets)

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Travel Reimbursement Ward / Stake (Budgets)


Post by krayallen »

Hello- Can someone walk me through the current policy, and where to find it, on travel reimbursement for ward and stake leaders. We want to make sure we are consistent with church policy in what we are doing and where the funds are coming from.
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Re: Travel Reimbursement Ward / Stake (Budgets)


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All I can find at the moment is General Handbook
Expenses for building construction, maintenance, telephones, utilities, computers, and priesthood leader travel are paid from general Church funds according to current guidelines.
Which is to say, it probably shouldn't be coming out of your budget. Most likely the stake would talk with their presiding authority for the guidelines.
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Re: Travel Reimbursement Ward / Stake (Budgets)


Post by davesudweeks »

A few years ago, when I was deployed with the military to the middle east, there were stake leadership meetings in another country (where the Stake Center was located). As the branch clerk of our serviceman's branch, I was invited to attend and and given instructions by the stake to be reimbursed for my travel expenses. The reimbursement was worked directly through the stake, not the branch.
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Re: Travel Reimbursement Ward / Stake (Budgets)


Post by cferguso55 »

Try this URL. It is the reimbursement form and the reimbursement policy. ... eq-INT.pdf
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