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LCR donations date


Post by johngw »

Since about a week ago, I can no longer register donations with the correct date.
The last date I can register a donation is July 21st. So, I can't choose a later date than July 21.
I have written to with no response. That is why I am writing to you here.
I have also tested in several different browsers. Same thing there.
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Re: LCR donations date


Post by lajackson »

johngw wrote: Sat Jul 30, 2022 8:00 am I have written to with no response. That is why I am writing to you here.
This is a user-to-user forum and no one here will be able to fix this problem. You did the right thing by contacting the Global Services Department. They do not always respond to their emails, but they almost always send serious problems like this one to the developers to resolve.

The area office might also follow up if you are concerned that the bug is not being worked.
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Re: LCR donations date


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Check the date on the computer.
As a test I rolled back the calendar on my computer and observed the system calendar date was the last day available. You need to leave the page and then come back to give the calendar on the page a proper refresh
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